Luigi Gamba, founder of the company, arrived in London at the age of fourteen. After a brief period as a waiter at the Savoy Hotel, which catered to the theatrical scene, he opened a shoe shop. By 1912, he was making"Our Special Toe Ballet Shoes, the exact make as the original shoes supplied to the famous Milan School". Prior to this time, all pointe shoes in England were imported from Italy. Alfred Furse, a Gamba shoemaker, was the first Englishman to make shoes for Anna Pavlova.

Here are some pictures of some recently retired Gamba pointe shoes.

Here are pictures of antique Gamba Pointes.

The following picture is of a pair of Gamba 52's. These featured slimmer toe platform for faster turns and were designed for the Egyptian style foot. This shoe was also a full shank model that was availiable in 4 widths. This is also a rariety becuase this is one of the rare Gamba models that feature a "U" shaped vamp.

There was also a Gamba 87. This shoe featured a squarer toe platform for extra stability. It was also shaped to conform to the foot while supporting the toe joints. It featured a full shank and a "V" cut vamp. It was availiable in 5 widths, N - XXX.

Here is a picutre of a rare Gamba 65 pointe shoe.

Here are some pictures of rare Gamba 66 pointe shoes.

And, here are some pictures of Gamba 72 pointe shoes.

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