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Low Profile Medium Profile High Profile
Bloch Axis
Russian Pointe Celeste: V3
Freed Classics:
D, F, Y
Gamba Stage Pro
Grishko Maya II
Grishko Ulanova II
Grishko Vaganova
Merlet Kaliste
Suffolk Instinct
Suffolk Captivate
Capezio Pavlowa
Freed Studios
Freed Studios Opera
So Danca Grand Pas
Russian Pointe Celeste: V2
So Danca Grisi
Chacott Sylphide
None Currently Available
Bloch Suprima
Bloch Sylphide
Russian Pointe Celeste: V1
None Currently Availiable
None Currently Available
  Somewhat Tapered
Low Profile Medium Profile High Profile
Bloch Axiom
Bloch Jetstream
Grishko 2007
Grishko 2007 Pro
Grishko 2007 Pro Flex
Prima Soft Vole
Principal "D"
Russian Pointe Almaz V3
Russian Pointe Saphir V3
So Danca Claudia
So Danca Natasha SD 07
Suffolk Apprentice
Bloch Amelie & Amelie Soft
Bloch Heritage
Capezio Contempora
Chacott First Step
Freed Classics:
A, B, C, L, T, V
Club, Key, Triangle

Freed Classics Professional
Freed Studios II
Freed Studios Professional
Merlet Empreinte
Prima Soft En L'Air
Prima Soft Silhouette
Russian Pointe Entrada: V3
Russian Pointe Polette V3
Russian Pointe Polette 3/4 V3
Russian Pointe Encore V3
So Danca Anne
So Danca Nikiya
Wear Moi La Pointe (Tapered)
Bloch Alpha
Russian Pointe Brio:V3
So Danca Fanny
Chacott Elvira
Chacott Veronese II
Chacott Veronese III
Gamba 97
Grishko Miracle
Merlet Pulsion
Repetto Rushka
Russian Pointe Almaz V2
Russian Pointe Saphir V2
So Danca Toshie
Suffolk Spotlight
Suffolk Stellar
Capezio Aerial
Capezio Tiffany
Chacott Coppelia II
Chacott Swan
Gamba 93
Grishko Fouette
Grishko Fouette ProFlex
Grishko Maya I
Grishko Ulanova I
Russian Pointe Entrada: V2
Russian Pointe Encore V3
Suffolk Solo & Solo Light
Bloch Signature Rehearsal
Bloch Signature Performance
Merlet Premiere
Russian Pointe Brio: V2
Repetto 207
Russian Pointe Almaz V1
Russian Pointe Saphir V1
Suffolk Ensemble
Prima Soft Prima Russe
Russian Pointe Entrada V1
Russian Pointe Encore V1
Russian Pointe Brio: V1
Low Profile Medium Profile High Profile
Long Vamp Bloch B Morph
Bloch Serene
Bloch Serenade
Capezio Glisse
Merlet Dedicace/Performance
Prima Soft Royale
Repetto La Carlotta
Russian Pointe Rubin V3
Wear Moi La Pointe (Square)
Capezio Aria
Capezio Elan
Russian Pointe Dolce V3
Russian Pointe Brava V3
Russian Pointe Lumina V3
Bloch Sonata
Prima Soft Gala
Medium Vamp Grishko Triumph
Principal Style "J"
Russian Pointe Rubin V2
Principal Diamond
Bloch Balance
Bloch Balance European
Bloch Synergy
Bloch Aspiration
Freed Classics:
B, Bell, C, Crown, Key,
Maltese Cross, N, O, Q,
Sunrise, U, Z

Merlet Prelude
Russian Pointe Dolce V2
Russian Pointe Brava V2
Russian Pointe Lumina V2
So Danca Pas D' Action
None Currently Available
Short Vamp Grishko Elite
Principal Princess
Russian Pointe Rubin V1
Capezio Plie II
Capezio Tendu II
Russian Pointe Dolce V1
Russian Pointe Brava V1
Russian Pointe Lumina V1
None Currently Available